Dividend Tracking

For many of us, dividend tracking represents the path towards financial independence.
Those of us that register to the FIRE movement which stands for “Financial Independence Retire Early” often like to do so by carefully crafting a dividend growth portfolio with companies that grow their dividends for decades.
This assures them a steady income stream that can out-pace inflation and support their lifestyle.

Donatello is a great dividend tool that enables dividend-investors in many ways, here are a few:

Track your overall dividend yield and expected gains

On the main page, You’ll be able to see your weighted dividend yield based on your holdings.

Note that when you hover your cursor over the dividend yield, it will show the dollar amount that was collected over the past year assuming the amount of shares that you currently own.

Track upcoming and recent dividend distributions

One of the challenges when planning your upcoming dividend is getting a clear image of the upcoming and previously distributed dividends.
Donatello’s dividends page provides an easy to use histogram of all of your recent and upcoming dividends.
You can choose to look back up to 365 days in order to get an understanding of the income that you have earned during this time.

The dates on the histogram represent the “payout date” while the bar value represents the total payout (shares X payout) for distribution pre-tax.
Note that the green bars represent distributions that were made before the distributing security was acquired (fully or partially). Note that if the distribution was made before any of it was acquired, the bar value will be equal to the the payout amount of a single share.

Below the histogram, you will find a summary table in which you will see the full data including the ex-dividend date, the cash amount, and you will even be able to set a tax percentage in order to easily see the money net worth of money that will be deposited into your bank account

The table will also provide useful information on dividend increases and cuts.

Check the dividend history for a single security

If what you’re looking for is simply to track the dividend history of a specific holding you have, simply click on the holding in the main page and scroll to the bottom, there you will find the distribution history going back several years:

Please note that the above is provided for informational purposes only and uses examples and illustrations, it does not constitute financial advice.